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Recovery Process

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Report your problem through any of the channels shown at the top of this page

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One of our specialist business support engineers will attempt to resolve your problem remotely where possible

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We escalate your query to one of our senior engineers to try get things moving as quick as possible

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The above has failed meaning it may be a hardware issue. We’ll send out an engineer to your premises within XYZ time

Meet Our Friendly Engineers

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Engineering Team Leader

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Telecoms Engineer

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‍2235-2243 Coventry Rd, Sheldon, Birmingham, B26 3NW

Phone Number:

03333 66 3333


The Call Recording feature allows you to record calls for both quality and training purposes. The call is stored in the cloud, which is easily accessible at any time needed. To remain PCI compliant, you have the ability to momentarily turn call recording off to take card details or other personal information.

A member of the team will guide you through this whole process but as an overview: Once documents are signed you will receive an email letting you know when to expect your connection to be up and running. Prior to go live you will receive all relevant credentials and should you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in contact.

During the migration process you may notice a drop in connection momentarily, in the event this happens all you need to do is ensure all new hardware is connected and reboot the devices.

This wholly depends on your current connection! We would be more than happy to take a look at this for you and make sure you’re giving your business the best chance of success with top of the range connectivity

We keep all of our technical support in house so you can expect an extremely fast response and resolution when facing any connection issue

Usually we can have you up and running in a matter of days. If you want to check what type of service you can get and how quickly it can be installed please get in contact

We offer a huge range of broadband packages! Pretty much all of them, if you would like some guidance on what you need just click here and we’ll be happy to help

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