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Best Business Phone Systems in 2023

June 21, 2023

best business phone system

We are now living in a post Covid world, which has changed the way we work in many ways. Remote working is predicted to stay at a 300% increase compared to levels before the unexpected turn of 2020. With more people working at home instead of the office in 2023, it’s crucial to have the best business phone system tailored to your needs.

With the right business phone system, your team will be able to communicate and collaborate, seamlessly from any location. Due to the new variant of the virus, working from home restrictions are in place once again in the UK. As well as this, the ISDN Switch Off is also getting closer, so be sure your business doesn’t fall behind. Keep your business running efficiently with a reliable phone system.

Using a Cloud Based System will increase your business efficiency

With cloud technology, you can improve collaboration within your team and process data much more efficiently. Whether working remotely or traditionally, everyone in your business will be able to access the files and information they need. The data is accessible 24/7 and is not at risk of being lost.

Our Cloud-based communications system for business allows your team to collaborate and work together from any location. Communication between departments will improve in an office environment, as well as giving employees the tools to stay connected when working remotely.

Ensuring Business Continuity During Covid-19

Calls and conferences will be transmitted via the Internet when using a Cloud-based system. Say goodbye to low-quality calls provided by traditional phone lines, and say hello to HD video conferencing through the Cloud. Seamless video calls and conferences can efficiently be conducted from any location.

Best Business Phone Systems

In April 2021, the percentage of remote workers in the UK jumped sharply from just 6% to 43%. A recent study showed that 90% of these employees wish to continue having flexible work schedules.

Your business needs the right tools that enable communication, especially with remote working. Business collaboration tools help to organise all your notifications into one place. Instant chat, video calls, file sharing and real-time collaboration are all possible from the same location.

Collaboration Platform

Our multi-award-winning smart working solution is an efficient business tool, which increases productivity. Your team can easily communicate and collaborate instantly, with the presence of being in the office. The Cloud-based voice, video and messaging tools can help your team to serve clients anytime and anywhere.

The user-friendly interface allows the software to be used by everyone in the team, whether they are familiar with technology or not. A minimalistic layout lets you see all your colleagues status and availability, allowing you to know when team members are on the phone or in a meeting.

After a quick and simple remote setup, your business will have access to an extensive feature set. As well as the conversation tools we’ve previously mentioned, users are also able to share their screen and files with a click of a button.

You’re able to access all of the business phone system’s features through a desk phone, mobile app and softphone on your computer. You can download a desktop app, or simply access straight from a web browser. A fantastic feature for remote working if employees are accessing from their own devices and do not wish to download extra software.

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Cordless vs Desk Phones

We offer a range of hardware compatible with our collaboration platform. You can choose the best handsets for your business needs, giving each team member a tailored system that works best for them. Therefore, increasing business efficiency.

A cordless phone is an excellent option for businesses or team members who are more mobile and spend more time away from their desk. The high definition of the speakerphone ensures clear hands-free communication. Allowing your team to complete their tasks on-the-go while still on the phone.

If a cordless phone doesn’t seem to fit your needs, a cloud desk handset may be the option for you. Designed for professional use, these handsets have a sleek design, with a high-quality TFT colour display, providing a clear view from all angles. Access all your colleagues and external contacts via the display within seconds, making calls quick and easy.

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Why you should prioritise video conferencing in 2023

The way businesses communicate is evolving and adapting. WebRTC technology is becoming the future of business communication. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, video conferencing technology saw a 500% increase in business activity.

As well as this increase, a recent study shows that 94% of businesses believe video conferencing improves their productivity. With this information, video conferencing is becoming an essential tool for many businesses across the globe. It’s fantastic for remote workers to continue internal communications, as well as keeping businesses and customers connected.

Making HD video calls a regular part of your work schedule is likely to increase productivity, due to creating a happier environment. A study shows that 41% of companies using video conferencing believe they have more engaged team members. Whether employees are in the office, or working at home, creating a positive workspace is necessary for team communication and efficiency.

A simple call between two users can be conducted via personal computers. However, when it comes to larger scale meetings, more advanced hardware is needed.

A Huddle Room with a wide-angle camera is the perfect conferencing system when 3-5 people are gathered in one office to join the call.

For large scale meetings, we offer a system for your conference room. Up to three monitors can be connected to the system, with two HD webcams and two HD microphones for incredible audio quality.

How your business will benefit from video meetings over face-to-face meetings

Of course the current main benefit of video meetings is safety. Due to Covid-19, limiting social contact is essential and conducting conferences via video instead of in person will protect everyone involved.

Another benefit of choosing video is that you will save a lot of money. Without the need to make a journey to a meeting, your business can reduce travel costs by 30%.

Time will also be saved without the need to travel. Meetings can be arranged and conducted much quicker, as parties involved will not have to wait until they are both free for a day, and instead can simply take an hour out of their schedule. This efficiency suggest that deals are likely to be closed over much shorter time periods.

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Why choose B4BC for your business phone system in 2023?

Best 4 Business Communications has been delivering multi-award-winning communications services to SME businesses, in a range of sectors, since 2005. We pride ourselves in helping businesses find the best communications system for their needs.

Our seamless working solutions, use the latest cloud technology to integrate collaboration and communication. We identify your communication needs to find you the best business phone system for 2023 and the years ahead.

We are the go-to company for integrated, efficient and secure communications. Our team of telecoms experts will help you choose the ideal solution which supports all the features your business requires.

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