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Phone Systems for Schools

January 25, 2022

Our excellent phone systems for schools have been used for many years, because they have found it’s an easy-to-use, feature-rich collaboration tool which is extremely beneficial for the education sector.

Modern education has been even more revolutionized since numerous learning applications that use the Internet have become widely available. The communication system is a crucial technology for schools due to its unique advantages for education.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this technology is needed more than ever. With more lessons moving online, and teacher-parent communication needing to be stronger than ever, it’s essential to have a collaboration system that allows communication to continue as normal, or even stronger than before the pandemic. From video conferencing to instant messaging chats, our communications system provides the solution to learning from home.

Our collaboration system has replaced the conventional critical telephone systems in many schools across the UK. We offer smart mobility features, advanced call routing, as well as the possibility to be incorporated with dedicated school software used in the educational systems.

When selecting a new phone system, it is essential to pay attention to the specific communication challenges that school systems face, such as parental relations, the safety of students, and regular student management. A modern phone system can efficiently and successfully resolve all these challenges faced by the education sector.

Our multi-award-winning phone systems for schools has been successfully providing solutions for the most common issues that schools have through the following features.

1. Easy to use 

Teachers work hard and tirelessly to educate children, and they are usually too busy to learn new and complex systems. Also, if the IT staff needs to be transferred or removed from the school system, then all the knowledge regarding maintaining and operating the phone system will be lost. That is why schools need to have an easy-to-use phone system.

All our collaboration tools are web-based, which is effortless to use and understand. The headsets provided are very simple to use, yet powerful. These features enable new school staff to start using our system right away, without wasting any of their valuable time.

2. Safety 

Due to the global pandemic, schools are more proactive when it comes to the safety of pupils, parents, teachers and office staff. One of the vital measures is to implement new and better communication tools.

Our smart collaboration tools can significantly improve the safety of your school. Teachers can broadcast any emergency messages and alerts straight to the phones of parents or other emergency contact numbers listed by students. 

We offer a state-of-the-art collaboration solution for schools that ensures you can reach your staff, parents, pupils, students and administrators anywhere, anytime.

phone systems for schools video conference

3. Video conferencing 

Video conferencing systems enable real-time video calls allowing teachers, students, parents and administrators to meet from their various locations. Still, they all have the sense that they’re in the same room. 

With education having to leave the classroom and continue at home, video conferencing has been an essential tool during the global pandemic. It has allowed teachers to keep the classroom atmosphere with remote lessons. Additionally, any student who needs extra support is able to easily have a one-to-one with their tutor.

Our collaboration system provides HD Video, screen-sharing and conference recording. Meaning calls will be seamless, with no lagging, and in high quality. The screen-sharing feature is great for virtual lessons, as teachers can easily show students examples. Then each recorded call can be rewatched later if necessary, which is fantastic if students need to review their lessons.

 4. Safeguarding

Our innovative solutions provide enhanced school safety and empower the immediate response of on-site personnel with a robust set of communication. We offer a best-in-class safeguarding solution to let you act quickly on critical emergencies. Thanks to the possibility to communicate with mobile devices, you can continuously reach your staff wherever they are.

The collaboration system allows you to block specific websites and phone numbers to protect students and staff. Also, a call paging feature provides and emergency button that links to an intercom. All devices connected to the collaboration platform would announce the same message, which is a must have feature in an education institution in case of any critical emergency.

We provide dedicated support so you feel secure that you have a phone system you can trust. From experienced engineers on hand to offer support if necessary, to an account manager who will review your system regularly and offer advice to keep providing the best solution for your schools needs.

5. Fraud protection

Our secure telecoms systems with active monitoring applications protect your school against phone hackers. We deliver the superior 24/7/365 reliability and performance levels required to help ensure communications quality and student safety.

6. Smart auto attendant

Smart technology routes incoming calls automatically to the right individual or department, reducing waiting times, increasing calls resolved the first time, and enabling keeping costs down while providing better quality service.

7. Voicemail-to-email

If you have to be out of your school office or off-site at school-related events, you need a phone system that allows you to have your voice mails automatically routed to your email inbox.

8. Softphone 

Our online collaboration software transforms your computer into a feature-rich, web-based phone. Make, take and transfer calls, and more using our softphone service and it’s included at no extra charge.

9. Call recording

Our call recording feature is exactly what it says – it enables you to record every telephone call in and out of your school. You can also retrieve, playback, store and share all your calls with call recording software.

10. Music-on-hold

Music-on-hold plays recorded music or marketing messages while your callers are on hold to give your school a professional edge. Using this feature to answer frequently asked questions, or provide important information while parents are on hold is a great way to speed up call resolve time. Some parents may find out the answer to their questions before they need to speak to a member of staff.

11. Site-to-site calling

Calling between offices just got better! You won’t pay anything for calling numbers on your system.

12. Caller ID

With our caller ID feature, you can identify who’s calling before you pick up the phone. The number and name (if available) of incoming call appears on your display.

13. Do not disturb

You can turn it on to stop incoming calls to your phone temporarily. This becomes especially useful during conferences, lunches, and meetings.

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Phone Systems for Schools – Perfect for Teachers:

Our phone systems for schools have numerous smart features that can make the job of teachers a lot easier, both in the classroom and in their home office.

Thanks to remote working features, teachers have identical connectivity at their home and in the classroom. They can open their voicemail at any time and anywhere, and they can contact parents from a school phone number instead of using their home or personal mobile number.

Our all-in-one collaboration platform features enable teachers to dial in a conference room quickly and talk to parents, colleagues, office staff, or administrators, remotely from their home. Teachers can maintain communication with parents or administrators while transitioning from the classroom to other locations.

With a single touch of a button, teachers can transfer their calls from the desk phones to their mobile phones with our mobile app available for both Android and iOS. This way, they can easily communicate when they leave the classroom.

Teachers have the option to manage their presence and show everyone in the school what is happening during their class. Every teacher can select a special status, for example: “In the cafeteria”, “Out to recess”, or “In a Meeting”.

Instant messaging is available for every teacher, too. Instant messaging helps teachers to communicate with the school staff easily and other teachers without calling. Also, our phone system for schools allows teachers to record important calls with a simple click of a button with a Call Recording feature. 

The communication between teachers and parents is made effortless with the dedicated video conference rooms. Our collaboration solution provides options for both individual and group conferences. Teachers can also have one-on-one parent conferences, or discuss details about class parties or field trips with the parents of all students.

phone systems for schools

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Phone System for Schools – Perfect for Administrators:

Successfully managing communication tasks while managing a school is not always easy. However, it can become easier with our multi-award-winning phone systems for schools.

Our solution has mobility features, as well as a mobile app. It means that the members of the school staff do not have to be tied to their desks anymore. Now school administrators can stay in constant communication, regardless of their location.

School administrators usually leave the desk and spend some time around campus, but that should not be an issue for keeping in touch or locating them. Administrators and other members of the school staff can regularly communicate wherever they are with the collaboration app available for both Android and iOS.

School administrators can send calls to the specific staff or faculty members by creating logical call routing with little or without employee interaction.

Our phone system enables administrators to create custom messages and greetings to improve the professional image of the school. With this system, small schools can sound as professional as schools with outstanding academic performance. School administrators can also block malicious callers to prevent them from disturbing classes and school days.

Maintaining records of all calls with scheduled and unscripted call recordings is useful for protecting your staff and yourself, too.

Our phone system integrates with a range of popular software and web applications. You can easily connect your new phone system to software such as Microsoft Teams, and even your CRM. Administrators can contact parents and others straight from their contact list.

Why choose Best 4 Business Communications?

Our telephone system for the education sector can change the entire process of communication in your school, and now you have the opportunity to use all of those incredible benefits.

Our collaboration platform contains all of the tools that you believe a modern phone system should have. Perfect for small, medium, and large schools because it is easy-to-use, easy-to-adopt and it includes a lot of safety features as well. With a dedicated account manager and award winning support, you will receive a service you can trust from Best 4 Business Communications.

Want to try out new phone systems for schools? If you decide to test our collaboration solution, you will get a 7-day trial of VoIP phone system for free!

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