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Benefits of Moving to a VoIP Telephony

August 7, 2020

Benefits of Moving to a VoIP Telephony Best 4 Business Communications VoIP IP Phone Telephone System For Business Offices Cloud Phone Collaboration Remote Working Solution

There are many benefits of moving to a VoIP telephony that your business can’t ignore.

How VoIP can help your business stay connected?

Every morning alarms were going off, people were getting ready for work and business was operating as usual, but then COVID-19 hit and changed the entire world. The way we live, the way we work, and the way we do business – everything changed in its entirety. It seemed the world had come to a halt – however, the show must go on. With the increasing need to work from home, businesses need solutions to make communication more effective. Read this article and learn more about benefits of moving to a VoIP telephony and why you should migrate to VoIP from ISDN line.

Moving to a VoIP telephony can help you improve the quality of your business phone system and reduce the costs of your phone system bill. Our VoIP phone system eliminates the costs of ISDN/PSTN, mobile and landline calls as VoIP platform provide all-in-one collaboration tools: instant messaging, voice calls, video conferencing, file & screen sharing, memo and fax messaging, SMS and more.

Understanding VoIP telephony

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a mode of providing communication for businesses using a standard internet connection and functions as a conventional telephone but at a much lower expense. So, in other words, companies can use VoIP to establish communication networks for their employees, to allow smooth and cheap communication. The biggest benefit of moving to a VoIP telephony is that your businesses can communicate with their employees anywhere, anytime – allowing employees to work from home to ensure business continuity.

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Benefits of Moving to a VoIP Telephony IP Phone Telephone System For Business

Why go for VoIP phone systems?

So, what are some of the attractive features that should benefit you, as a business? Here are the top 5 benefits of moving to a VoIP telephony:

1. Voicemail and call forwarding facility

If someone is not available, at any given point in time, this feature is essential. It allows the caller to record a message for the receiver so that they can be contacted later. The call forwarding feature allows employees to receive phone calls from any location, even if they are not at their home office or wherever they have set up their offices while working from home.

2. Do Not Disturb feature

This is especially important if you are a business who frequently deals with clients. It is essential while attending a call from your client to remain uninterrupted. The DND feature allows the transfer of other calls to voicemail or an available employee so that you do not get interrupted while communicating with your client.

3. Conferencing and Content Sharing

This feature is one that is available in some of the best VoIP systems. It not only allows the conducting of remote meetings, with the facility of adding additional participants as well as sharing of important files such as presentations, minutes of the meeting, sharing calendars, and access to desktops.

4. Call Recording

Many businesses, such as those providing customer support, require this feature, to track customer satisfaction and queries. This can easily be done with a simple click and is also a feature available in the best VoIP systems.

5. Auto Attendant

This feature is essential for businesses if they want to expand their customer support, as it allows you to set up different customer support numbers in different areas, and customers would be given a menu to select the specific department they need to communicate with.

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Best 4 Business Communications Remote Working Solution

Top 5 benefits of moving to a VoIP telephony

While many businesses are still operating with traditional phone lines, separate business phones, many businesses are now recognizing the benefits of using VoIP telephones instead. Let’s look at some of the benefits that you, as a business, can gain if you make this switch:

1. Low set-up and operational costs

VoIP telephones require one network for data as well as voice transmissions; hence the overall set-up costs are low. In case you are using a regular telephone, you can only establish voice communications and would require a separate device for data transmission. The added cost of business phones along with the actual cost of the call, all add up.

2. Bandwidth

With a faster internet connection, you can establish numerous communication lines. This technology allows the addition of many lines, and you can communicate with a large number of employees at the same time.

3. Unified Communication (UC)

One of the many benefits of VoIP telephony is that it allows the business to establish a network with many communication outlets – which means employees can combine their phone call with emails, faxes, voice mail, and even conference calls.

4. User-friendly

VoIP telephony is simple and easy to use technology, hence is it user-friendly. It allows users portability as they do not need to carry their phones as well as laptops, as using this technology, all of the functions can be performed on a single device.

5. Call recording

While this may not be possible using a conventional phone line, this facility is made available in VoIP systems and allows users to record and refer back to all communication that took place, be it with clients or peer-to-peer communication. This can especially be beneficial when it comes to recording of meetings and would remove the need to make minutes of the meeting, as recordings could be shared with the team, which can be used later for tracking progress and performance.

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Benefits of Moving to a VoIP Telephony Best 4 Business Communications VoIP IP Phone Telephone System For Business Offices Cloud Phone Collaboration Remote Working Solution

Why VoIP system is the best solution for home workers?

The fact that we are undergoing the pandemic of COVID-19, businesses have felt the need to change their conventional methods of operations. This includes employee performance and the day-to-day tasks that we were taking for granted for so long. In current times, VoIP telephony provides all the solutions for remote workers and facilitate working from home. It allows communication, data sharing, and conducting meetings – which is a forgone situation in the new future. As we have highlighted many benefits of using VoIP technology as opposed to conventional telephone services, we can say that it is the solution for your business.

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Benefits of Moving to a VoIP Telephony Best 4 Business Communications VoIP IP Phone Telephone System For Business Offices Cloud Phone Collaboration Remote Working Solution

Why choose Best 4 Business Communications?

Best 4 Business Communications prides in being amongst the best VoIP telephone providers with many features that would make your daily business easier and meet all your needs. As IP providers, we recognize the gap in the market, and we strive to help you increase your productivity and turn this time of crisis into one of benefit. We provide 100% security and helps improve business efficiency by 50%.

Our VoIP systems provide efficient and smooth communication, allowing business conference calls with multiple employees at the same time. Moreover, it allows operational efficiency by reducing start-up and operational costs, which means low cost-per call and monthly charges. Our exciting packages allow for your business to reduce expenses and increase your profits. Not only this, but our online phone portal also provides complete mobility so that you have access to your employees from any and everywhere!

Our unified communication systems allow secure file sharing and collaborations – so don’t worry if your business requires extensive meetings and presentations – our portal allows each participant access to files shared on the network. Our enhanced WebRTC system allows for efficient peer-to-peer communication and thus, allows real-time exchange- be it audio, video, or data transfers. Click here to read our case studies.

Benefits of Moving to a VoIP Telephony Best 4 Business Communications VoIP IP Phone Telephone System For Business Offices Cloud Phone Collaboration Remote Working Solution

You can try our business VoIP phone system for FREE!

So now you know the benefits of moving to a VoIP telephony, right are? You can try our business VoIP phone system with a free 7-day trial. The free trial provides full access to our collaboration portal, where your employees can make use of all available features without any limitations. If you feel the system is not the best fit for you, the trial will end automatically. Click here to start your free trial.

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It’s always best to have a knowledgeable advisor at hand to assist you with any significant decisions like choosing the right phone system for your business. You can book a free demo today with our telecoms expert and learn how our VoIP services can help grow your business. Discover our collaboration tools along with all the features that you help you work more effectively and efficiently from your home. We are happy to assist in any way we can to support your needs. We can be reached by telephone on 0333 366 3333, or you can e-mail us at, and we will be happy to assist you.

“Our multi award-winning VoIP telephone systems allows you to handle calls with a professional greeting, a range of options to direct callers to the correct department and a queuing system to handle high call volumes.”

Jason Curtis – Business VoIP Specialist

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