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Best Phone System For Remote Workers

June 12, 2020

Best Phone System For Remote Workers

What is the best phone system for remote workers in 2020?

Find out why a Cloud based VoIP telephone system is the best for remote workers and staff working from home.

Are you looking for the best phone system for remote workers? Our VoIP phone system allows business to operate in a smooth manner and with minimal disruption when transitioning your employees to home working. With the widespread use and advent of the Internet, there could not be a better option and a way of doing business other than doing it online. The amount of people working from home has risen to around 4.2 million, accounting for about 14% of the entire workforce in the United Kingdom. For employees who work from home, VoIP can make life a lot easier. For startups, a VoIP service plan carries rates up to 90% cheaper than what traditional service providers charge.

Thankfully the use of VoIP has completely transformed the way business is conducted. It is only due to this amazing cloud technology that everyone in a business environment is more connected than ever before.

“Our multi award-winning VoIP telephone systems allows you to handle calls with a professional greeting, a range of options to direct callers to the correct department and a queuing system to handle high call volumes.”

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Our multi-award-winning hosted VoIP solution is the best phone system for remote workers. The best part about using VoIP is the fact that it lets you work remotely from home. Working from home is a trend that is continuously on the rise in the UK. An increasingly large number of people are ready to give up their daily commutes, the stress of going through the traffic, or an office set up that may be full of disturbance and interruptions. The use of our cloud-enabled solutions make working at home possible for various types of jobs. The employees can work from home full-time, for a few days in a week or during an emergency, means that the work never stops no matter where they are. In any of these situations, a robust and reliable cloud telephone system is a must.

The benefits of using VoIP outnumber the reasons for having any other traditional telephony system. With cloud systems, remote users connect to any other user using the same system in real-time. This is not limited to voice communication only. In fact you are now able to communicate through online chat and video calls as well.

VoIP telephone system features

  • Audio & video call
  • Chat
  • Presence & geolocation
  • Conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Fax & SMS to one or more users
  • Access to corporate phonebooks
  • Screen sharing & file transfer
  • Audio & video calls / conferences with external users.

Our VoIP platform supports file sharing too, seamlessly and easily. And of course, the best part is with all of these fantastic features the employees can work from the comfort of your home.

Telephone systems supporting homeworkers and remote workers

What are the benefits of a VoIP Phone System?

Working from home has its own set of benefits. From the employer’s perspective, the best part about having the work from home option for its employees is a huge cost savings that can be achieved in terms of the infrastructure costs. When the employees are entrusted with the work from home facility, they tend to be more productive with their work. The company can make sure that the targets and the work is complete no matter where the work is happening.

Main benefits of your staff working remotely

  • Improved employee retention – home working can help retain employees with an otherwise long daily commute.
  • Access to a wider pool of applicants – for example, such as those from more geographically remote areas, or people who may prefer to work from home.
  • Possible productivity gains – due to fewer interruptions, allowing more focused work.
  • Increased staff motivation – with staff having a better work/life balance.
  • Financial benefits – savings on office space and other facilities.
  • Convenience – ability to locate sales staff near clients rather than in your premises.
  • Better work/life balance – employees working from home can lead to improvements in health and well-being.

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From an employee’s perspective, the benefits of working from home are significant. The best part is of being able to work from home is the fact that you do not have to get up and get ready to get to work place every day. No monotony, no mundaneness of following a boring daily routine. You get the time and the flexibility you need to do your thing. Maybe you can go out for a jog or get to the gym and come back and get back to work and finish it. You get to spend ample time with your family and loved ones, and you stay in the safety and security of your homes among many other things. And you can still work productively and complete your projects in time.

VoIP Telephone Systems For Homeworkers

Seamless and future-proof connectivity

The work from home option provides for a perfect work-life balance, and that is why perhaps it is so popular among the employees and thanks to B4BC VoIP – that perfect work-life balance is now possible. As such, VoIP is the future of businesses communications today, and as such, more and more companies are providing that option to its employees, sometimes as a privilege and sometimes as a requirement. The time is not too far when employees would just be visiting their offices for monthly or weekly updates, and every work would be done remotely from home.

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Overcome the disadvantages of employees working remotely with B4BC VoIP phone system

  • Monitor staff performance – there could be difficulty managing home workers and monitoring their performance. However, we will provide you the ability to listen to staff call recordings, view their call history and call logs on a minute by minute basis if required.
  • Continue to engage with office staff – using instant chat and real time video conferencing will help maintain staff morale with colleagues.
  • Remote Staff Help and Support – B4BC will have remote access to help your home user with any support issues.
  • B4BC remote Web collaboration and web interface offers a customisable view of colleagues, grouped by work teams, and provides real-time presence information of users.

Best Phone System For Remote Workers

Are you looking for the best phone system for remote workers?

Our hosted VoIP phones are a complete communications service for your business that provides an extensive range of capabilities via an easy to use web portal. The service allows you, the administrator to easily manage your environment whilst enabling you and your employees to work from home.

Many businesses are starting to realise the benefits of employees working from home. This is especially true of sales representatives, customer service teams and call-centre workers. Why have workers come into the office to answer calls? They can do the same work from home with VoIP.

Best 4 Business Communications VoIP IP Phone Telephone System For Business

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