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SIP Or VoIP Telephony Systems? Which One?

November 26, 2015

SIP vs VoIP Telephony Systems

Both SIP & VoIP telephony solutions have their benefits & drawbacks, although they coincide & are hard to distinguish without prior knowledge, there are specific benefits to using VoIP over SIP or SIP over VoIP.

SIP Telephone Systems & Solutions From

Defining VoIP Telephone Systems

VoIP refers to (Voice Over Internet Protocol), this telephony solution is IP based & hence we use the term VoIP. VoIP in essence internet telephony, some other terms to describe VoIP refer to as, IP communications, IP telephony, broadband phone systems, voice on broadband telephony & broadband telephone service.

Defining SIP Telephone Systems

SIP refers to Sessions Initiation Protocol, this can be widely used for the management of multimedia communication sessions, i.e. voice, imagery & live video calls.

Benefits & Drawbacks Of VoIP Telephony Solutions

VoIP telephony solutions can be very flexible when it comes to cost-saving, even if your business is looking to expand or move to a new office.
When it comes to VoIP, all you need is a single network for both voice & data.
✓ VoIP can be very flexible when it comes to re-routing calls as well as home working solutions.

With VoIP, the voice quality can be 100% reliant on your businesses quality of broadband.
 Investments into VoIP may require your business to upgrade your older phone system or buy in a new system.

Benefits & Drawbacks Of SIP Trunking Systems/ Solutions

SIP solutions can help your business lower its costs, SIP trunking can be tuned into a businesses specific requirements. You can either scale up during busy peak calling times or scale down during notorious low call volume periods.
Easy maintenance, SIP trunking solutions are easy to manage, due to being virtually based. Scalability of maintenance is much more efficient & effective for businesses.
✓ Data integrated with simplified engineering.

Your business will 100% need to have effective broadband, very similar to VoIP solutions you need a consistent connection.
Your business will also need to consider restrictions on porting numbers, DDI numbers & simultaneous calling.

VoIP Phone System Deployment             SIP Phone System Deployment

✓ Local Area Network (LAN)                      ✓ Your own server proxy server
✓ Your Internet connection                         PSTN & dial plan
✓ A connection to the PSTN                      ✓ A stable internet connection
✓ A VoIP service provider                          ✓ A suitable IP phone system
✓ A VoIP PBX                                               Will you need simultaneous call needs?
IP suitable phones                                   ✓ Will you need backup lines?

VoIP & SIP Telephone Systems & Solutions

Before your business considers deploying VoIP & SIP solutions, remember that you will need to understand the implications to your broadband & network bandwidth. Your business must ensure that your deployment is prepared for any changes could arise. Make sure you find the most effective VoIP & SIP providers, Best 4 Business Communications is award-winning so do consider us. In some cases, an Ethernet first mile connection would be more suitable than a standard ADSL broadband service.

Benefits Of SIP Telephone Systems & Solutions

New Phone Systems
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Cloud Options
Future Proof 

Final Things To Consider For VoIP & SIP Telephony Solutions

If you’re going to choose SIP, remember that it is considered half traditional & half virtual, however instead of setting up your phone system to run on a SIP solution, you could just get Yealink or LG telephony handsets to run over VoIP. If you’re going to consider SIP, VoIP is worth serious consideration. However, remember that one of the main key advantages of using SIP vs VoIP is, of course, you have the ability to interact & communicate with other protocols. You’re able to adapt signalling to match clients systems. Finally, if you own a recently purchased phone system that fits your business requirements and would like future-proof telephony, why not use your phone system as a SIP solution.

To Find Out More About SIP Trunking Solutions Or VoIP

If you would like to speak to an expert in regards to SIP trunking solutions vs VoIP, how they differ & which your business should incorporate, call us on 03333 66 33 33 or Contact Us.