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What Does 5G Mean For Your Business?

January 22, 2020

What Does 5G Mean For Your Business?

5G offers more than just speed. Increased capacity and ultra-low latency make it ideal for targeted, real-time services that could revolutionise your business. With the arrival of the fifth generation of mobile network we take a look at what 5G means, why it has been implemented, the benefits of this new for of network and the differences with 5G and other generations of mobile networks such as 3G and 4G.

What is 5G?

5G is a smarter, faster and more efficient version of other mobile networks such as 3G and 4G. 5G offers speeds up to 100 gigabits per second and is set to be up to 100 times faster than the speeds that 4G operates at. Other than simple performance improvements that will be implemented via the use of 5G, it is also set to allow 5G to improve and develop; superfast mobile broadband which will further limit the need for landlines, car to car and car to infrastructure communications and driverless cars.

The difference between 5G and previous networks

Low latency is a major difference between 4G and 5G networks; this means that there is a smaller amount of time from when information from one device is sent and to when the other device receives the information. The reduced latency means you would be able to have your mobile device connection as a replacement for your Wi-Fi. 5G would allow you to watch a 4K video on demand without experiencing any buffering on the video. This is possible due to the fact that 5G will be able to fix Brandwidth issues as 3G and 4G currently experience issues with this due to the amount of people and devices connected to these networks. However, 5G will be able to hand the traffic, subsequently allowing 5G to handle devices such as driverless cars and connected home devices. It will also drastically decrease the amount of time it will take to download a film in HD via mobile networks, a 3G network would take around 24 hours+, 4G around 7-10 minutes but it’s theorised that a 5G network could be between 4 and 40 seconds as 5G’s maximum download is said to have increased from 4G’s 100Mbps to 1-10Gbps which is available on 5G networks.

When will 5G be available in the UK?

EE, O2 and Vodafone have already launched 5G in some UK cities including London, Birmingham, Belfast and Cardiff. Brand new 5G phones are set to become more widely available and used by the end of 2020. Despite this it is looking more likely that the 5G revolution will commence closer to 2022 with prices interfering with demand for 5G phones.

How will 5G benefit businesses?

5G will benefit businesses and aid evolution in industries by making communication on the go easier than ever. 5G allows workers to work remotely as well this will make it easier for them to; operate machinery more efficiently than ever before, as well as interactions with other workers via 4K, AR, VR and holographic calls. Making workers more present than ever without being ‘present’. Therefore, allowing workers to free up time more efficiently than ever before by using the 5G network subsequently, allowing them to be more productive at work. 5G will also allow organisations to enable network slicing, thus allowing them to have their own private networks centred around their companies needs. This means more jobs and processes can be automated via 5G due to the speed, capacity and latency subsequently improving operational efficiency.

The journey to 5G starts here!

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